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Product Returns Policy

Product Returns

Product Returns

You can easily return the products you bought from, either because you changed your mind or because the product was faulty.


1. Damaged Product
We always make all the appropriate quality checks before we submit your order. However, in case the product is faulty, you can send it back to us, within 14 days from the day you received it. The product will be sent initially to the Service department to check if the damage is due to bad usage, in order to be replaced with a new one if there is one in stock or with a different product.


In case of a faulty product please send it to us directly with the way you received it with our charge.


It would be convenient to check carefully the products and the packaging to look for any damages. In case you see any damage, please contact us in the online store, immediately after the delivery, the same day or the next working day to +30 216 9000 999 or to the email


Did you change your mind?

2. Did you change your mind?
In case that you simply changed your mind and you do not want the product you ordered, you can return it in 14 days from the date you bought it.

The return of products are accepted only if the products that you want to return, are in the same condition as you received it, without being used, opened, with missing elements from packaging, please include also the retail receipt or the invoice inside the package.

In case you changed your mind the transportation cost will be on you. You can always bring them to the store which is closest to you.

When you return the products, depending to the payment method of your order and the preferred way of product return, we are going to send you the money back in maximum 30 days from the day that we are going to receive your returns.

The money will be returned to the account that you will submit to Kokkoris Optics by phone +30 216 9000 999 or by email

You have also the choice to keep the amount you paid as a deposit for your next purchase from our stores.

We are always here to help and support you for the best shopping experience. Please feel free to contact us for any inqueries.